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Used industrial oil

Used industrial oil

A third of the oils that are derived from oil are industrial or industrial. From their name it is clear that they are used to ensure the functionality of the mechanisms of production lines. Waste industrial oil poses a serious environmental hazard and must be disposed of correctly.

Types of Industrial Oils

Any production line consists of a specific system of mechanisms, so industrial oils with different characteristics are used to ensure the full operation of the mechanical components. The choice of lubricant depends on the load experienced by the unit.

Viscosity is the main criterion that underlies the classification. Industrial oils are divided into 3 categories:

  • Lungs. Such oils are used with low loads and high rotation speeds. For example, in separators, machinery for the production of textiles.
  • Medium. These oils are used in fans, gearboxes, and various machine tools.
  • Heavy. Oils of this type are used in forging units, rolling mills, presses.

Industrial oil is designed to provide lubrication of parts in order to fully ensure the functionality of the units and extend their service life. During the process, the oil is exposed to temperature effects, pressure. Mechanical particles, dust, dirt get into it.

All these factors change the properties of industrial oil and make it unsuitable for use. This is a natural process that cannot be influenced.

Disposal methods for used industrial oil

Routine maintenance of any production line involves the replacement of oil. The old must be drained, and the new pour. The processing of industrial oil is a serious problem, or rather, the method of its disposal. It is important to understand that it is unacceptable to pour waste into a body of water. This causes irreparable harm to all living things.

According to the requirements of fire safety, sanitary and hygienic standards, the processing of industrial oil should not be stored on the premises of the enterprise.

Under the current environmental situation, the sale of mining to enterprises that are engaged in the disposal of industrial waste is the only right decision. This is one of the sources of income and a conscious attitude to health.

The second life of industrial oils

The group of industrial oils includes transformer, hydraulic and others. The first is used to cool reactors, transformers, circuit breakers. For its disposal, several methods are used:

  • burning;
  • reprocessing (e.g. into fuel);
  • regeneration (restoration of properties for reuse).

The last two disposal methods bring economic benefits. Using a specific technology, the development of transformer oil is transformed into a product with the desired performance properties.

Where to pass the used industrial oil

Unfortunately, in Ukraine there are few companies that are engaged in the disposal of industrial waste. Ecointel is one of them. The company has a package of permits to carry out such activities, and also has production facilities and qualified personnel for the disposal of petrochemical products.

Among our services are the development of hydraulic oil and other industrial ones. For sellers of raw materials, we always offer a good purchase price. Reception points are located in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Do not stay away from solving global environmental problems. They concern each of us.