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Used engine oil

Used engine oil

Road transport plays an important role in economic activity. A personal vehicle seeks to buy almost everyone. It’s convenience, mobility, status. To ensure the proper operation of the internal combustion engine, oil change is a must.

Do not be surprised to see the ad “Buy used engine oil”. Such an event is caused by the unfavorable environmental situation in Ukraine and on the planet as a whole. In turn, Ecointel offers its services in the utilization of fuel and lubricants (PMM).

Risk of improper disposal of engine oil

Residents of European countries do not have a question where to get used engine oil. Waste treatment is the focus of many companies. Creation of specialized technological lines for the utilization of engine oil – the command of time.

It is important to understand that used engine oil contains carcinogens. During operation, under the influence of heat and other factors, it gradually loses its properties and accumulates dangerous substances. Once in the human and animal body, they increase the risk of cancer, cause mutations, provoke infertility.

Where in the world does spent engine oil come from? The answer in the methods of its disposal, which are used in our country everywhere:

  • burning;
  • drainage into natural reservoirs, sewage, garbage cans.

The used engine oil is disposed of in ground water or simply in the ground. This leads to contamination of agricultural products. Together with food, poisonous substances enter the human body and cause a devastating effect on its health.

In European countries, more than half of engine oil is disposed of. Its collection and processing is controlled by law. Our country is only at the beginning of this journey… Regeneration and reuse of used engine oil are vital steps to ensure environmental safety across the globe.

Second life of used engine oil

The short-sighted, indifferent people are wondering why it is necessary to properly dispose of engine oil and why invest big money in this process? To understand the importance of this line of human activity, the following should be analyzed:

  • Saving health. The level of environmental pollution has reached catastrophic proportions. There is a real threat to the health of present and future generations.
  • Careful attitude towards exhaustive natural resources. Oil belongs to this group of minerals. Regeneration (recovery) and reuse of machine oil will significantly reduce its production. It takes 67.2 liters of oil to produce 1 liter of engine oil, and only 1.6 liters of oil is worked out.
  • Economic benefits. Car oil recovery is a valuable raw material. With the right equipment, you can restore its performance and give it a second life. Given how many cars are used, there will be no shortage of raw materials. Organization of a technological line for oil processing is a promising profitable business.

Engine oil recovery technology is a milestone

Used engine oil is hazardous waste. In nature, it decomposes for a very long time, and decay products kill all living things around. Why throw away what can be reused? The recovery of engine oil takes place in several stages:

  • Cleaning of mechanical impurities. The oil was filtered for a few days and then separated.
  • Evaporation followed by distillation. Such methods help to remove the liquid impurities from the waste.
  • Adsorption. The oil is passed through porous materials to trap impurities.
  • Coagulation, mixing, temperature effects. These physicochemical methods are aimed at eliminating the remaining impurities.
  • Selective dissolution and vacuum drying at a certain temperature.
  • Chemical cleaning. Acids and alkalis provide another level of regeneration.
  • Microfiltration by membranes.

Where to get used engine oil in Ukraine?

We are well aware of the dangers of used engine oil. Our company has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to properly and promptly dispose of it. The purchase price is high enough to interest potential sellers. We are ready to buy used engine oil in any volume, to provide the container and to ensure the export of raw materials. It is profitable to work with us