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Used turbine oil

Used turbine oil

Compressors, fans, turbines, brake systems – far from an incomplete list of mechanisms for which turbine oil is used. It is characterized by high performance characteristics: stability to oxidation, durability, anticorrosion and others. Used turbine oil is a toxic compound that must not be released into the environment. Burning, as one of the ways to dispose of it, is also not safe. Carcinogens enter the atmosphere during combustion. The question of the disposal of petrochemical waste in Ukraine is very acute.

Why dispose of used turbine oil

There are no strict terms for the duration of operation of turbine oil. The critical values ​​of the following parameters indicate the need for its replacement: surface tension force, viscosity, acid number. In production, they are carefully monitored.


The question of where to put the used turbine oil will be solved simply if you turn to specialized industrial waste disposal companies for help. Ecointel is one of them. To carry out legitimate activities for the processing of petrochemical products, we have a license and permission from environmental control authorities.

The current environmental situation does not allow the use of traditional methods of waste disposal. We have opted for innovative technologies for the purification of used oil and its secondary use. This allows you to solve a number of urgent problems:

  • rational use of natural resources;
  • environmental Safety;
  • saving budgetary funds of the enterprise.

Handing over used turbine oil to EcoIntel is the right decision

Ads “Buy / sell used turbine oil” are common. It is important to give preference to companies with an impeccable reputation that are legally involved in waste management. Refining of petroleum products involves the availability of special equipment that allows you to turn waste into fuel and other useful products.

Our experts buy used turbine oil in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. The purchase price is high enough to attract potential sellers. If necessary, we provide containers for oil, promptly carry out its shipment and ensure the export of raw materials. Working with us is convenient and profitable.