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Receiving waste oil

Environmental issues in the 21st century are very acute. Recycling is one of them. Ecointel is a company in Ukraine whose activities are associated with the disposal of petroleum products. Reception of waste oil and its processing is a priority.

Waste oil regeneration – wise use of natural resources

The operation of almost all mechanical units is impossible without the use of oils. We are talking about engines, machine tools, transformers and other devices. Engine oil is used to ensure their functionality, maintains their technical specifications, extends the life of the engine.

During operation of the unit under the influence of various factors, the oil changes its properties and becomes unsuitable for use. The following compounds accumulate in it:

To maintain the operation of the mechanisms, the old oil is drained and new is poured. This is a planned procedure. At first glance, everything is simple. The only question is what to do with unsuitable oil. Reception of mining and its regeneration is a progressive solution. It helps to use natural resources economically and take care of the health of our planet. The collection of used oil and its processing is the only right option for the disposal of used raw materials.

Waste oil disposal process

Our company is engaged in the regeneration of mining, that is, the restoration of its operational characteristics. The used oil collection point is the starting point. Employees of our company throughout the country are engaged in its purchase; they do this both in Kiev and other cities upon request. We do not experience a lack of source material, but participation in solving environmental problems is everyone’s conscience.

Our company has the necessary equipment to return used oil to its primary performance characteristics. They are only slightly inferior to the product from the manufacturer. The main stages of the technological process of cleaning:

It is worth noting that the price of equipment for cleaning used oil is high. Not every company can afford such an acquisition. Before contacting the point where you receive the used oil, in addition, take a look at the reputation of the entrepreneur who offers such services.

A company that has a package of permits from environmental authorities and the Ministry of Natural Resources can collect used oils.

Why is it worth using the services of our company?

There are many offers to buy used oils. We offer to use the services of Ecointel. Our customers are guaranteed:

We are ready to buy used oil in any quantity. The quality of the cleaning process is ensured by innovative equipment that is installed at our enterprises.

If necessary, we carry out the export of used oil or rent special containers. According to the contract, our actions are as follows:

All listed works are carried out in strictly established terms. We carry out an individual approach to each client.

Call us! Reception of waste oils is our job.

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